Randomness Inked: Scribbling the Unspoken is a blog about random thoughts and feelings. Writing is a door to peace for me. I believe that written word speaks the unspoken. Hence, I write.

Through my words, I hope to reach you and wish to discover myself.

What’s new here?

The title of my book

For a long time, I have wanted to write a book about myself. I have started writing it a couple of times. Every time I picked up the pen (or my online notes) to write, I ended up focusing on a different chapter of my life. I have spent numerous hours thinking about what my autobiography be called. Have come up with a list of names n number of times. But never found something that I’d like to keep after 10 years. Continue reading The title of my book

I Need Help-The Hardest Conversation To Start

Originally posted on Blogger Community:
“I need help.” Those simple words may be the most difficult thing anyone experiencing mental health disorders may ever have to utter. You have a sore knee, you see a doctor. You’re losing weight and feeling exhausted all of the time? See a doctor, of course. But if you’re just feeling ‘out of it’ and not like yourself, like something… Continue reading I Need Help-The Hardest Conversation To Start

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