Randomness Inked: Scribbling the Unspoken is a blog about random thoughts and feelings. Writing is a door to peace for me. I believe that written word speaks the unspoken. Hence, I write.

Through my words, I hope to reach you and wish to discover myself.

❤ A warm welcome to you my dear friend ❤

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Nobody is perfect. We all are trying to be better versions of ourselves. Everyday, I try my bit to make this blog a place you would want to visit more often. If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, drop them here.



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    1. Hey! No issues with the email. I got an exam tomorrow as well as on day after tomorrow. Wouldn’t get uch time 🙈🙈
      Thankyou so much ❤❤ I’d love to participate. But after exams. Got a few award posts pending on my list.

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