The Ants

She woke, shivering, in the dark of the night. All she could see was black. Was it a dream? But why that same dream again and again, night after night?

She had thought it was because of the place. She left the city months ago but the terror didn’t leave her. She was still haunted by them.

They were small but in millions. They crawled slowly but started to take over all of her, body and soul.

They entered through the tips of her fingers and toes. She started to lose her breath as they swallowed her limbs completely.

The first time they came, she did not know them. She did not understand what was happening to her. They made her feel creepy. Maybe her body lacked sleep or her mind rest.

She felt paralysed as they moved upwards towards her face. All became dark as they reached for her eyes.

They became regular visitors to her. She did not understand what they were doing or why they came.

Their army started for her mind next. Everything became stiff and cold. She could neither run away nor scream for help. She was helpless.

Those who saw her felt the terror but it was far less than what she went through. They wanted to help her but did not know how they could. Some who tried to did not know what they were fighting against, so it was in vain.

She became used to their arrival. She knew them now. They were ants. They pierced her like pins and needles.

She woke up again, shivering, in the dark of the night. All she could see was black. She felt something move on her feet.

In response to Let it Bleed Weekly Prompt.

14 thoughts on “The Ants

  1. Creepy.

    This reminded me of something I read as a child about amazon ants that are very dangerous and when you try to stop it by fire, some of them will sacrifice themselves to put out the fire. Like those White walkers in the GOT S8.

    The other one that it reminds me of is the scene from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull.

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