Media Action Against Rape

I am interning with MAAR NewsTracker, a community of bloggers who analyse how the Indian media reports rape and sexual violence. The stories that I worked on for this project have been shared below.

1. The rapes on Page 9

With so many rape cases being reported every day, this article looks at how many cases are followed up by the media.

2. दुष्कर्म. And रेप. The paradoxical language of बलात्कार in a Hindi newspaper

An analysis of the language of rape- the terms used and portrayal of victims and survivors.

3. I Think: The problem comes when journalists cover one story one day and the next day there is no follow-up

A piece of a common man’s opinion on Indian media’s coverage of rape and sexual violence.

4. ‘Digital coverage makes it more likely for people to be heard by those in power’

An interview with the founder member and editorial director of The Logical Indian on how the coverage of rape on digital media varies from traditional media.

5. ‘Journalists must start respecting the laws around reporting on child rape’

An interview with the Founder of Our Voix, an organisation that runs workshops focused on the prevention of child sexual abuse.

6. I Think: We don’t give the victim a place of power

Opinion of an Assamese from a matriarchal society on rape and its media coverage.

Because I am a student of journalism

A poem expressing my emotions when I completed my first story.

4 thoughts on “Media Action Against Rape

    1. Yes, media being the fourth pillar of democracy has a responsibility towards the survivors and victims.


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