एक-तरफ़ा- Unrequited

Hello readers!
Last night, my friend Akshay over at अक्स किस्सा हिस्सो का  were talking casually when we decided to write a poem in Hindi. Surprisingly it turned out to be good and so, I decided to share it with you. Continue reading एक-तरफ़ा- Unrequited

Cadavre exquis – Take 2; Team 2

Originally posted on Cyranny's Cove:
Due to the number of people who wanted to play along for this second edition of Cadavre Exquis, and not wanting to restrain writers’ inspiration, I divided the group in three teams. This is the work of Team #2. I hope you’ll enjoy the writing exercise!  Cadavre Exquis is a writing game in which each player only gets the… Continue reading Cadavre exquis – Take 2; Team 2