Who am I?

For you, I maybe a random person

Who reads, clicks and writes.

I am a dreamer too

But not a random one.

The characters I read about

In the pages of various worlds,

Seem to be fragments of me.

The photographs I capture

Are a glimpse, a glimpse

Of the beautiful I see.

The unspoken words I scribble

Are an attempt, an attempt

To make my way

With the ways of the world.

Whatever I read,

Capture and scribble

Becomes a part of my soul.

You would think

That you know me

But the real me

Would disappoint

Your perception of me

I may appear to be like you

But I am not you,

Not any one of you!

I can be mild

And wild

In the same moment.

Known to few

As a creature

From a distant world,

I am different.

The dreams I visualise

Make me who I am.

I am Saumya.

I am a dreamer.

What to know the story behind the blog’s title? Click here.

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36 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. I’m overwhelmed. Thankyou so much dear. Appreciation and encouragement from fellow bloggers boosts up the energy to write more and more. You too keep writing. Id love to know more of your experiences at University. Cheers! 😇

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