Special meetings with random and not so random souls


We exchange friendship, love, hugs, kisses, laughter, misery, tears, thoughts, silence and many other feelings with every person we meet in life. Some stay as memories in our archives while others become lessons for life as give and take is the rule of the world. I also meet people- known and strangers. They affect me. They make me pause everything for a moment and think. Meetings with these people aren’t so ordinary that I shall afford to keep them in my memory and let them fade away with time. These mulakaats could not be captured in photos and hence, I decided to pen them down in short stories. Read the stories here:

  • Mulakaat 1: Run
    She was getting late for work. In a hurry, she filled her mouth with the breakfast laid on her plate, took the keys and left the house. While swiping her metro card, she noticed that the metro she had to board was to arrive in the next minute.
  • Mulakaat 2: The Beginning
    As new children came, they greeted us with a warm hello. Not for a second did I feel that I was meeting most of these little ones for the very first time.
  • Mulakaat 3: Jugalbandi- Alfaazon, Soch aur Jazbaaton ki
    A creative writing workshop called Alfaazon ki Jugalbandi, was planned for the students. I was the facilitator of the workshop. Taking suggestions from my team, I designed an interactive session plan.
  • Mulakaat 4: Comparisons and Competitions
    I asked them on which topic would they like to write on next time. If I were God… If I were a king/queen… A volunteer joined in the conversation and suggested, “How about ‘If I were a boy…’?”
  • Mulakaat 5: Trapped?
    I wondered why she kept on blabbering when no one was listening. Nope. I was listening to her and somehow, she observed that. There was an eye contact and I was trapped.
  • Mulakaat 6: Dig
    During one of the monthly interactive meetings of the volunteers, it was discussed that there is a need to interact with the students in a better way. Need Assessment of Students was required.
  • Mulakaat 7: A Tip for the Day
    With the same set of questions, I decided to dig deeper into the answers. It was time to question the ‘question bank of the class’, Anamika.
  • Mulakaat 8: Another One
    A big motivation for a teacher is that her students have the will to learn. A girl named Kokila had asked me how she could improve her speaking skills. My next interviewee was this child.
  • Mulakaat 9: Who is disabled?
    I was used to it as studying a foreign language in metro catches the attention of co-passengers. He pointed out words with delight and I told him that it was French language.
  • Mulakaat 10: An Impact
    For the very first time, I felt that I was making an impact in the lives of these children.
  • Mulakaat 11: Naitikta
    A need for Naitikta session was felt as something disturbing had happened. It was suggested that a lesson should be taught to all the students by narrating a story.
  • Mulakaat 12: A harsh punishment?
    One could not understand why the story was titled Naitikta. Isn’t Naitikta doing something good to somebody? The second one found the story incomplete. They expected more to it. The third one felt that the punishment was harsh.
  • Mulakaat 13: A Journey
    It seemed to me another usual metro journey until I reached platform 3 of Rajiv Chowk metro station. After deboarding from the yellow line metro, I climbed up the stairs to find a huge crowd waiting for me to become a part of it.
  • Mulakaat 14: Friendshake
    After asking a few questions, to which he replied only by nodding or by shaking his head in denial, I got to know that he was scared of me. Some volunteers spoke in my favour, while others made fun that he should actually be scared of me.
  • Mulakaat 15: We Teach
    He says that school teachers beat when students ask questions. Because of the beating in school, students are scared to ask their doubts.

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