A word of advice for new bloggers – Blogging Insights #24

What advice would you give someone launching their blog for the first time?

Experiment. Don’t hesitate to try new things. Have an about page to let your readers know who you are and a contact page to let them reach you.

What would you tell them to do that you were not able to do?

Participate in writing challenges. They not only prompt you to write but also give more exposure to your blog.
I used to be a silent reader. Drop comments on posts of other bloggers.

What is something that YOU did but you would strongly tell a new blogger NOT to do?

Use tags wisely. WordPress tags don’t work like Instagram or Twitter tags. Don’t overuse them: a maximum of 15 tags+categories should be used. Learn more about tags here.

What is it that you were not able to do when you started blogging?
What mistakes did you do as a new blogger?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights # 24 — A Word of Advice

17 thoughts on “A word of advice for new bloggers – Blogging Insights #24

  1. Agree with all those. Deffo read other blogs and drop comments, and also good to appreciate other comments bloggers put on a post, because if you like what they said, let them know that :-).
    I’d add splitting up posts into headers, makes it easy reading…and use of images to make it visual where possible.

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    1. Ahh yes… if it’s a long post, dividing with subheads is always a good practice. Images to tend to make longer posts shorter 😉


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