Music Month May #2 Ik Bagal Mein Chand Hoga

Apinder has come up with Music Month (May) challenge where we share a song and give an insight into why we like it.

My second pick is from Gangs of Wasseypur.

Ik Bagal Mein Chand Hoga
Ik Bagal Mein Rotiyan
Ik Bagal Mein Neend Hogi
Ik Bagal Mein Loriyan
Hum Chand Pe
Hum Chand Pe
Roti Ki Chadar Daal Ke
So Jayenge
Aur Neend Se
Aur Neend Se Keh Denge
Lori Kal Sunaane Aayenge

(One one side is the moon
On the other side there is bread
On one side there is sleep
On the other there are lullabies
We will cover the moon with the bread
And sleep
And tell “sleep”
That we will sing a lullaby tomorrow)

I heard this song for the first time during a car journey. We were stuck in traffic and cursing people who were riding on the wrong side. My cousin asked me if I had heard the song before. I said no. He asked me to listen to the lyrics carefully. I remember how I was so lost in the voice that I didn’t hear the words. So my cousin went on to explain the meaning of the lyrics and it just touched my heart.

This is a song about how we have two choices: our dreams and our necessities. We give up on the former to survive.

I haven’t watched the movie but the lyrics of the song and Piyush Mishra’s voice have touched my heart.

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6 thoughts on “Music Month May #2 Ik Bagal Mein Chand Hoga

  1. Interesting song to which I will have to listen a few more times to understand all the lyrics.
    Thats life, we have dreams but our needs take presdence over them. If we can achieve just a small handful, then that’s a bonus.
    BTW I so enjoy watching the actor Piyush Mishra.

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