Meetings with some random and not-so-random souls that I can’t afford to keep in my memory so that they fade away with time.


Dusk: Conflict with Self

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A series of letters exchanged between Saanjh, her Thoughts and her Soul.




MAAR: Media Action Against Rape



MAAR NewsTracker is a community of bloggers who analyse how the Indian media reports rape and sexual violence. The stories that I wrote for this project have been shared It also includes a poem expressing my emotions as I read extensive rape news on a daily basis.

Learning to be Myself

Being myself makes me happy. There is a sense of relief in doing what you actually want to do. Being myself makes me love myself more. I’m learning to be myself. Here. I talk about the little things that each one of us faces in life, about how they I’ve come to embrace them over the past few years, of how I’ve accepted my not-so-easily acceptable feelings, thoughts and actions.