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Hello readers!

Sometimes I feel that my blog posts are impersonal. Or is it just me overthinking like always? 😀

To take my engagement with you guys a step further, I thought I should give you a chance to interact with me. Is there anything that you’d like to ask me or know about me? It could be anything.

Feel free to ask. I’ll try my best to answer to you guys.

If you don’t have anything to ask, I have a question for you-

What is happiness for you?

I’d love to know how you know your perspective of the broad and abstract term.

Keep reading! 🙂

Photo by Vyacheslav Argenberg on Unsplash

45 thoughts on “Ask me anything

  1. Happiness, an interesting topic. How do you measure happinesses or how do you quantify happinesses. It seems to me to be a scam, measuring happiness. Just another scheme to get people to buy stuff, subscribe to certain ideologies or induce mass hysteria.

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  2. Happiness…………for me, it is having a home. Having enough food, warmth, friends to interact with on a daily basis. It is seeing a sunrise or sunset. Hearing a child laugh. Listening to my elders (there aren’t that many anymore) wisdom or stories. It isn’t about having more stuff than anyone else, or having money. It is the knowing I have just enough to sustain me physically while allowing me to see, hear, feel the beauty in each day. It is sharing knowledge with old and new friends. It is life.

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  3. Happiness is feeling good about myself.
    Happiness is feeling satisfied with my life.
    Happiness is the knowledge that my family is provided for and that I picked the best life partner a girl could ever have.
    Happiness is knowing that I can help others and trying hard to do so.
    Happiness is having the freedom to shut the world off if I need to, and to turn it back on when I’m ready .

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  4. Happiness is a sense of internal peace, free of worry and stress and anxiety. Happiness is knowing my kids all well and thriving in the world. What about you Saumya? What is happiness for you? What are your dreams for your Family? What do you love most about your life? I wondered too…you posted a pic once that looked like the Boston University Bridge across the Charles River in Boston. Did you study at BU?

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    1. Why is it that I connect with your words so much? internal peace, free of worry, stress and anxiety.. I can relate to all of it. Except the kids’ parts because I don’t have any..haha..
      I’ve seen that over the past 5-6 years, the meaning of happiness has changed for me. I find happiness in little things- it could be in food cooked by my Mumma or in writing and blogging or in a child’s laughter or in the serene nature. I have realised that happiness comes from within. Helping others makes me happy. Doing my work makes me happy. I do relate happiness with satisfaction. Though I am someone who thrives for perfection, but when I know that I’ve given my best, I feel satisfied.
      I got a lot of dreams. One of them is to run away from the city life forever so that I can live in the mountains and enjoy the calm of nature. About career, I know it’s high time, but I’m still exploring my options. I think I’d go into writing only. Since I am doing this journalism course, print journalism probably. I should find my answers in the coming months as the course is going to get over next May. I really don’t think about having a family now. The thought of separating from my parents is enough for me to run away from marriage. I see that my relatives fine me in a “marriageable age” (I’m turning 23 in October) and that’s when I just shut down my mind to think better things 😀
      What do I love the most about my life? That’s really a difficult question. Let me try a different approach to answer this one. I said above the last 5-6 years have changed the meaning of happiness for me. I’d say these years have given me a different perspective towards everything. I am just learning to live life without any worries. Worrying about petty issues has costed me a lot. I am learning to love myself and my life. I am learning to accept things for what they are.
      Oh no! I’ve never been out of India. Not yet. Some time soon maybe.
      Are you referring to this pic?
      It’s Amity University Noida.


      1. I loved reading your answers. I think many of us define happiness as being free from anxiety and worry. I suppose it could be seen as an opposite state of mindfulness. We cannot be happy and be worrying at the same time. (At least I cannot ). Your insight into life and what is important is lovely. Your connection to your family is beautiful. You have such a deep understanding of yourself for being so young in years. You are the same age as my son. 😊 that wasn’t the pic I had in my mind so I will go back and see if I can find it in your posts.

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      2. Yes, no one can be happy and worried in the same moment. I think my experiences made me this mature. 😛 Since your son is of my age, I have a question- How do you think your son sees life? And do you also want him to get married any time soon? Or is it just the society here? 😀


      3. My son is in graduate school so his studies are most important, but I want him to have a life partner who loves him and will be beside him in life’s ups and downs. He is gay so being married is very political here. Gay people were just given the legal right to marry last year and it could easily be reversed in this political climate. I want him to have the right to marry, but I don’t want him to rush it. I want him to find the right man so he will be happy and fulfilled in his love relationship. My daughter is 27 and engaged to be married, but she is in no big hurry. She is focused on her career and is building a house first before she gets married. Both of my children live at home with me and I’m in no hurry to see them move on. I love having them home. 💕

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      4. Aww that’s so sweet. Looks like you have a beautiful relationship with your children. In fact, homosexuality has been decriminalised today in India. The Supreme Court gave its verdict today. Glad to know that you are in no hurry like Indian parents 😀 😛


      5. That’s such wonderful news! It breaks my heart that someone can be jailed or killed for being who they were born to be. Yay for India’s Supreme Court Decision! 😊 No hurry here for my kiddos. I want them to be secure in themselves before taking that big step into marriage. 💕 Do your parents set you up on dates? Do they have suitors for you pre-arranged? I do not know a lot about your culture except from what I see in movies and TV. Forgive my ignorance. 🙏

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      6. Yeah, it’s a wonderful news. Homosexuality is no more a crime legally. And now the fight for social acceptance starts.
        Hahaha…No! No dates or suitors. Indian culture is very conservative that ways. There are families where love marriage is acceptable. But with my family, its gonna be an arranged marriage.
        From which movies did you gain the lil knowledge that you have of Indian culture? Any Bollywood movies?


  5. Everyday happiness is being true to myself. Living and adhering to my morals.
    It’s nature’s beauty.
    It’s good company.
    At the end of my life, I will be happy if I had lived a good life with no regrets.

    How about you? Maybe write a post about it?

    As for the question for you: “Do you have a big family (many siblings?)?

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    1. Happiness is all of this to me too. I guess you are right- I should write a post about it. Do you really have regrets? I stopped having regrets some time back. Now I try to see good things in my bad decisions. Because cursing myself for things I can’t change won’t help me. Better take the good learnings from the bad decisions and move on.
      I live in a nuclear family so my immediate family includes my parents and a younger sister. But yeah, I got many relatives both on my paternal and maternal side- aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. Here in India there are many people who live in joint families atleast 7-8 people. Some of my friends and relatives live in joint families. What about you?

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  6. I don’t have much to talk about happiness, actually. I’d say my job of passion would make me happy. And making others happy always seems to make me happy too.
    Now I’d like to get to know you better, I guess. I suppose you’re an Indian. If you are, I am one too! 🙂

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    1. What is your job of passion?
      Making other happy makes me happy too.
      Yes, I’m Indian (high-five :D). I’ve been blogging regularly for one and a half year now. Currently studying journalism and mass communication. What about you?

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      1. My life just got started, I guess. I’m a twelfth grader, living in UAE. I started blogging just this year. It’s great to have found you, a fellow Indian.
        I’m a Malayalam speaking English lover.😂😂(*cringe*)
        Where do you live?

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      2. Oh! That’s great! I live in Noida. How long have you been living in UAE? What do you plan to do after your twelfth? Btw, may I know your name please? 😀

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      3. I’m thinking of taking the path to become a lecturer, of the subject English, of course. About my name, call me BunnerBooky, or Bunner! I do not really wish to reveal my identity 😉 But call me WJ if you want! I’ve been in UAE for almost 10 years now.

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      4. That’s lovely! In fact, I did my graduation in English literature. It’s okay if you don’t want to reveal your identity. How about Bunny? 😀 10 years- wow! Have been visiting India?

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      5. We’ll have English literature graduation in common once I’m done with mine!:)
        Of course I’ve been visiting India. Once every year, in fact. Bunny is a cute name, I suppose. A little funny too 😉
        How’s life in Noida?

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      6. Hahaha yeah…
        It’s funny and reminds me of Ranbir Kappor of YEh Jawani hai Deewani 😀 😛
        Life’s good in Noida. Just a lot of pollution.

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      7. Books did. Once I started loving books (mostly ones in English), I came to realize that I had to do something related to literature. So that’s why.
        What made you interested in English literature?

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      8. I read a lot of fiction during school time. But then the engineering disaster happened. Fortunately, I decided not to take up engineering and English literature seemed to be a good option. I fell in love with it once I was in the second year of my graduation. 🙂

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  7. Happiness can’t be measured. It varies from person to person. We keep searching for it outside. But, it actually lies inside of our heart. For me, happiness is feeling content.

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