Flashback to my blogging journey

I recently made a list of my popular and favourite posts of the year. You can check it out here. It was not a list of the top viewed posts. But I filtered it out and chose the ones I thought were worth reading.

And now, when Suze made a list of her worst posts (Ok, they are not the worst, they are the least viewed ones), I also thought that it was a good idea to make a similar list for me.

But then when I viewed my stats for the year, I saw that it included the ones I wrote in the previous years and had received quite a good response when they were posted. So, I decided to make a list of the posts that got the least views in my whole blogging journey (that started in 2015).

The list did not come to me as a surprise. My least viewed posts turned up to be ones I wrote when I knew nothing about blogging, tags, importance of commenting to engage in conversations. So they are not the worst posts. Here’s me presenting to you, some of the first writings of my life:

  1. Alien
    A poem about why I have never been able to identify with the world. To tell you the truth, some of my friends in real life call me an ‘alien’.
  2. God’s tears
    This one captures three reactions to rains. Rain has always been close to my heart. Though I feel that rain makes me sad, I have always felt that it takes away my gloominess too when it leaves.
  3. Liberation
    This lil piece talks about how you can find your freedom in that of others.
  4. The Road Taken
    Oh my! When I read this poem after years, it took me back to the time when I wrote it. I can’t believe that this poem holds true in my life even today. Looks like it will remain evergreen.
  5. Life, choices, dilemmas and belief
    This one will ignite your belief in belief.
  6. Blank sheet
    Have you ever felt that you are narrating the same age old story of yours again and again in different words? I feel it all the time!
  7. A Loss Beyond Repair
    This one is a contrast to post number 5. Was written at a time when I was struggling with myself.
  8. My world
    Written a day after the previous one, this one portrays a different side of me. Though I have not been able to keep up with reading a lot, I am planning to take it up again.
  9. In denial
    I am surprised that this post from 2019. I wrote it a long time ago. Maybe I happened to post it here much later.
  10. खुवाहिश/ Desire
    This was written at a time when I tried to not lose hope and tried to reignite the fire of ambition and passion in me.

And here’s a special mention to MY FIRST POEM I ever wrote! After Shower: A proof of my love for rains and the beginning of my love for words and writing poetry.

Did you find any difference in the type of posts I wrote back then and the ones write now?
Which one did you like the most from the above list?

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