Pause to Breathe

My 7th attempt to pen my story. (The number can be more, but definitely not less. I need to dig out my notebooks to find out the correct number.)

I have always wanted to write my story. There have been several reasons why I have procrastinated, scrapped the idea, been scared to write my story truthfully.

This time, I have no story line in my mind. Just a title and the form.

Title: Pause to Breathe
Form: Epistolary + Poetry

I am hoping that the loosely-knitted letters would help me complete it this time. Because, this time, I am not bound to the plot but more to my thoughts and emotions. And because I plan to share my progress with you all to keep myself motivated.

Check out how am I doing with my story:

The 7th attempt to write my story

Dear Me This is probably the 7th time (there may be more that I just can’t recall but have somewhere written in the notebooks getting covered in dust) that I am starting to write my story. The first time was when I was 17. I remember how I had burned all those little snippets of my story. It was important for me to destroy them … Continue reading The 7th attempt to write my story

The title of my book

For a long time, I have wanted to write a book about myself. I have started writing it a couple of times. Every time I picked up the pen (or my online notes) to write, I ended up focusing on a different chapter of my life. I have spent numerous hours thinking about what my autobiography be called. Have come up with a list of names n number of times. But never found something that I’d like to keep after 10 years. Continue reading The title of my book

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