My happiness is more important than your expectations

“What gives you genuine happiness?”

“My parents’ happiness.”

There was a time when I had trouble of making a decision because I thought my choice would affect others’ happiness, especially that of my parents. Before speaking up at home about what was going on inside my mind, I needed an elder’s guidance. I knew I could talk to my school teacher but I resisted going alone.

A classmate was also going through a similar thing so I convinced him that we should approach the teacher with our problems. It took me some time to convince my classmate that we need to talk to someone before taking any decision.

I remember going to the staff room early in the morning. I had thought all three of us would talk together. But she knew better. Our problems were different. And we needed space to open up and to talk freely.

Once she was done talking to my classmate, he went back to the class. It was my turn.

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6 thoughts on “My happiness is more important than your expectations

  1. Lovely post. We know our parents want the best for us but we often second guess them, and think their satisfaction lies only in us pursuing the traditional paths. However if we don’t speak up, you will never know. Better to be honest early then to suffer in silence for many years. That would surely break their hearts.

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  2. Yes. More often than not, we forget to live for ourselves. I’m glad that you found the way to your happiness. Parents want the best for us but at times, we have to live life for ourselves. We’re the only ones who’ll have to live with the consequences.

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