A note of kindness for myself

Does that sound selfish? Oh no! It’s self love. Last month, I attended a virtual talk of a friend who is a counsellor. In the talk, we were asked, who is the most important person in your life.

While many of us consider our families as the most important people in our lives, we forget to count ourselves. That’s was the point those counsellors wanted to put forth. Interestingly, my answer was:

ME! SAUMYA! Continue reading A note of kindness for myself

Blogging Chums Award

I am on top of the world right now as I start writing this post. Just another award post? No! My friend Robert over at The Non- Alcholic Student got a thousand followers on his blog and for the celebrations he invented this award called The Blogging Chums Award! Isn’t that great? What makes me happier is that he nominated me for this award. Thanks Robert for considering me! And I apologise for delayed it for almost a week.  Continue reading Blogging Chums Award

I Understand: A Letter to My Younger Self

Originally posted on RWT:
Dear 17 year old Me I know things are not going as you wanted them to be. I know you are sad. I know you are lonely. I know you wish that someone was there to to hold your hand and make you feel that everything is going to be okay sooner or later. I understand what you are going through.… Continue reading I Understand: A Letter to My Younger Self