Being myself: A journey of self-acceptance

“I don’t have a Netflix account,” I recently told a friend.

While I was expecting a couple of questions from them, what I met with was acceptance. Even after that, I went on to give them an explanation of why I don’t have the account. This was probably the first time my declaration was not looked down or joked about. Not that people pulling me down for not watching some of the best content out there has prompted me to get an account.

For years, I have tried to fit in – fit into the popular trends and culture. I’ve tried to listen to English songs and I’ve tried to be regular on social media, but none of them has worked out for me. I’ve tried to watch standup comedies, I’ve tried to watch web series, I’ve tried to follow influencers, but I’m no regular.

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5 thoughts on “Being myself: A journey of self-acceptance

      1. So much! Hate having to fit in. I never was into social media. Even instagram started after I felt like sharing my writing. But people would turn around and say “you’re not on Facebook? Why not?” And I never understood why I had to be! The going out partying bit too.. I lost a lot of “friends” when I started saying no because it didn’t make me happy anymore. I chose staying in, and dinner parties and intimate conversations over loud music, which not a lot of people understood. But slowly I understood that this was me❤️

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      2. I can totally understand the losing “friends” bit. So happy that you understood the real you and stopped forcing yourself to fit in ❤
        I am there on all social media. But I am not active. I spend more of my social time here on WordPress or on Linkedin.


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