Destigmatising conversations around suicide and mental health: I’m a human before I’m a journalist

“Sushant Singh Rajput,” a message from my colleague read.
I sent question marks in reply.

It was my off on that day. After finishing lunch, I was preparing for a nap when I thought of checking my phone.

Just like everybody, it came as a shock to me. The first question I asked my colleague was “Why?”

As reports of Sushant suffering from depression came along, I felt a little lost. He seemed a happy person to me. I always got those ‘full of life’ vibes from him. There was something in his voice that always spoke to me.

Soon after, I reached out to some friends to see if they were doing fine. I engaged in conversations with people to discuss why it was important to talk to vulnerable people at that time.

When somebody posted that mental health talks are being done because a celebrity has died, I tried to tell them why I was reaching out:

To let people who were triggered by the news have a safe space.

Personally, I felt sad and a little lost. I was taken back to the time when I was dealing with my mental health issues. I tried to understand what Sushant would have gone through because I’ve been in a similar place a long time ago.

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3 thoughts on “Destigmatising conversations around suicide and mental health: I’m a human before I’m a journalist

  1. I won’t go so far as to say I’ve been suicidal, but I have been plagued by thoughts of hopelessness, uselessness, and comforting myself with the thought that 7 more years, Spook will be 18 and I can check out of this mess…I know it’s distorted thoughts due to depression but talking about it leads to the ‘why’ question and I can’t answer it. I can barely blog these days, let alone open up to people because honestly, they don’t want to hear anything but optimism.

    Honest conversations confronting mental health issues are long overdue so kudos to you for starting one.

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  2. Very well penned, Saumya… Suicide is such a touchy subject. I am sure your open heart will be very welcoming to people who will read your words. Even if they don’t reach out to you directly 😉 I hope you are safe and well, Beautiful 🙂 xx

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    1. Thanks for reading Cyranny! I hope it helps people 🙂
      I’m doing good. How are you? Been such a long time that I’ve not active here..Missed a lot of stuff 😛

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