I want to write more

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I was not very happy with myself for keeping away from blogging last year. My blog’s Insights show that I didn’t post a single thing in five of the months in 2019. There were two months when I just posted once. Only April, half of May and December were in blue.

But when I checked the detailed annual stats of the site, I saw that I ended up writing 100 posts in 2019. The high frequency did not reduce my guilt of staying away from blogging but the fact that I still managed to write 17k+ words last year relieved me a lil bit.

I remember taking up the NaPoWriMo in April 2018, along with my exams. I ended up writing only 11 poems. I was not disappointed about not being bale to complete the challenge. Poetry doesn’t come with force. It represents emotions for me.

Last year, I decided to take the A-Z challenge in April. I feel I was able to complete it because of the theme I chose. Learning to be Myself. I really wanted to talk about it for a long time. When I managed to complete this challenge while juggling with my exams and job, I realised that it was my eagerness to write about the topic that made me complete the challenge. (Okay, I did not write on one of the Saturdays, but I compensated for it by writing on Sunday to keep everything in flow.) In fact, I even wrote four poems for NaPoWriMo other than the A-Z posts in April last year.

I see these challenges as a motivation to write, to make my creative juices get to work. I do not plan to post on all 365 days this year. But I do plan to increase my writing time to keep the art alive in me and I tried to do this by beginning my year with JusJoJan. I know I did not stick to Linda’s prompts every day, but the challenge was about jotting anything. I tried to write more and more. I have ideas in my mind. Let’s see how I’ll implement them.

Do you participate in writing challenges? Which prompts do you follow? I’d like to explore more of them.

13 thoughts on “I want to write more

  1. I don’t post on my blog every day, but throughout January I have been writing pretty much every day. Sometimes I take Saturdays off. And the things I have been writing are long (at least 1k at a time), so I’m proud of myself. I only want to keep going.
    I use @DailyPrompt from Twitter, CarrotRanch here on WP, and random things I find on the Net.

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    1. I’m proud of you Goldie for trying to blog more frequently. I feel I’m going to get busier in the coming months till mid year… Have to start studying again. WP has been taking a lot of my time these days before and after work and I need to get a lil strict with myself.

      I’ll check out both of them. Thanks.

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  2. I almost never miss Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge, and I do Fandango’s Friday Flashbacks… I also participate to some of Cee’s photo challenges from time to time 🙂 In November, I follow November Notes from Sarah Daughty 🙂

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  3. It’s good to have aspirations and you surely should be happy with what you’ve achieved– but why this guilt? My own belief is that we should blog for the joy of it or not at all. Your only blogging oblogation is to express yourself and live your life, which you are doing. Please forgive my intrusion.

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    1. Hi Rachel. I am happy with whatever time I have managed to devote to my blog. The guilt is there because I know at times I was just procrastinating when I could have been productive. There are times when I complain there there are just 24 hours in a day. And then there are other times when I tend to get carried away with spending my time doing nothing. I just want to make something of myself.


      1. Doing nothing is terribly important for writers, honestly. You might really benefit from BJ Fogg’s approach to behavior change. I do! See TinyHabits.com and anything he writes. So simple and easy and and you stop blaming yourself for failing to do certain things. Also free. Here ends the lesson from an old lady writer👵

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      2. You know what? Thanks for saying that. It made me realise that I need to stop stressing over things and breathe. I’ll try to do that. Lessons can be learnt from everyone 🙂
        But how is doing nothing important for writers?


      3. Writers need to take long walks or sit and stare out the window or linger in bed sometimes. We need fallow periods too. Then thoughts can quietly revolve and evolve into something new and true, something worth writing about. I have interviewed 30+ popular novelists and you’d be surprised how many took their dog for a long walk every day or walked on a beach. It’s an important part of the process. Then you can’t wait to get back to your desk…

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      4. I have experienced that urge to get back to the desk twice or thrice probably. But at other times, it has just led to overthinking and I find that it’s not good for my health.

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