Moments #70

Social Distancing Day 60 (May 13, 2020)

This was Mommy Birthday Special cake baked by my sister. I can only take the photo credits. It was yummier than it looks in the photo.

She messed up the traditional cream she had planned so we just did some jugaad and ended up making a tastier cream.

Description for visually impaired: Two snaps of chocolate cake (one from top view, the other from side view) made from Hide and Seek biscuits. We had placed crunchy choco sticks to give it a professional look and garnished the cake’s top with grated dairy milk.

25 thoughts on “Moments #70

    1. I’m wondering if she would be your aunty ji 😀 considering that you have kids the age of my cousins 😛


      1. Apologies I haven’t been able to set something up yet for this weekend or checked who would be free. Are you free? I need to make sure nothing is planned at home this coming weekend.


      2. Its okay. I also didn’t get time. Sada has said yes. Will ask Irut n Niki personally. Another friend has said yes. About others, I got no idea. Need to deCide on the time first so that I can ask people if they’d be free in that particular slot 😛
        I’ll be attending a mental health story session at 6 on Sunday. might go on a lil longer than 7, otherwise I’m free as of now


      3. OK of you get the session organised please drop me details and I will also try and attend…even if it’s for a short while..have you asked Curiousji?

        Niki uses Skype she said last time out, not Zoom

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      4. Aah yes, will ask curious too. I think we can go for skype too. Not am issue with me. Just hope niki is comfortable with a gang 😛😛


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