How are you feeling? Our Garden of Gratitude #10


And it’s Thursday again.. I really don’t know how time flies by…

Just leave whatever you are doing. PAUSE. Take a moment and BREATHE. Feel grateful towards life.

our garden of gratitude
Photo by Saumya Agrawal

How are you feeling?

I am feeling great, happy and energetic. You ask why? There’s no reason. Just trying to live in the moment and celebrate every day just as I promised myself.

Have you every asked someone how they are feeling? Someone asked me two years ago and the question struck me. So I thought, why should I not ask how you are feeling today. If you are feeling good, I am glad. If you aren’t feeling fine, it’s okay; it will pass and better times will be there.

Share how you are feeling and acknowledge your emotions. I feel it’s right when they say that it’s important to experience the rain before we appreciate what’s sunlight.

Type one word, one sentence or a paragraph in the comments section or make a post on your blog, it’s all your wish.

If you make a separate post, be sure to create a pingback or drop your post link in the comments section.

Remember, there is no time limit to answer. The comments section will always be open.

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6 thoughts on “How are you feeling? Our Garden of Gratitude #10

    1. That’s great Sarthak! I’m feeling satisfied. Went shopping and was lucky to find everything I was looking for. I’m glad you asked.. I really needed to say it to make the feeling merrier 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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