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She is a chirpy girl

For the world.

She has a mysteriously beautiful smile

That brightens their world.


“People are two faced,”

They say it right.

She hides another face

Behind the cheerful one,

The face only known to her

And no one else.


Her eyes are the rivers with floods,

Her heart is an ocean of hurricanes.

Nobody understands the floods,

No one knows about the hurricanes.


She fights against them

Day ‘n’ night.

As each moment passes by,

Trying to overpower them,

She loses a part of herself.


She blames none

For what’s happening to her.

She knows she is the medicine,

And the disease too.


She pushes herself

Deep into the black waters

For she knows

Her wars with nature are futile.


Not knowing how to swim

She now feels

It would be an immense pleasure

To drown herself

In the expanse of darkness.

She believes

She can be her mistress there,



Don’t be flattered

By her beautiful smile!

It is mysteriously dangerous.

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