Dear Time

Dear Time

It’s been a long time since I wrote to you. To be precise, it’s been 1 year, 11 months and 26 days. A lot has changed in this period. I have started to realise your worth and that I should not let you slip away.

Do you remember I was learning to be your friend? I am glad you tell you that my classes for accepting how you were yesterday are over. I cleared the second exam too, I can proudly say that I am no more scared of how you will be tomorrow. You would be happy to know that I passed with flying colours.

But I am still learning to love you for who you are today. There have been instances when I started to take you for granted, but I am trying to take one step at a ‘time’.

I know you are wondering when did all of this happen… Let me answer you without any delay… Over the last 12 months.

I have always told people that Aug 2016 to July 2017 was the best year of my life, but now as I look back at the past one year, I realise that I can’t choose between the two.

Why were these years the best? Because I choose my happiness and fought for it.

I am glad that after bidding a goodbye to the path on the left, I walked the road which was less travelled by. Oh, not because it had more opportunities but because it made me realise that all I have is the present and I should make the best of it.

Not-so-stupid-anymore Friend

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In response to 10-day Letter Writing Challenge

15 thoughts on “Dear Time

  1. I want to wave pompoms for you to cheer you on for choosing your own happiness and being happy. It takes courage to go against the grain so good for you. 🙂

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  2. Very sincere letter to your friend. Time has been patient with you and you with it. To be able to walk the paths and be the master of your destiny takes a focused individual. Indeed you have a friend in time.

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  3. Kung fu panda moment – yesterday’s history, tomorrow is mystery, today’s is a gift and that’s why it’s called present.

    Congrats on passing those exams and choosing the path that you like.

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