Souls that Listen

Souls that Listen


How are you guys doing? I am doing well. I have been away for about two months now.

Been recovering from COVID. Glad that we survived it with mild symptoms. The good part about it was that it gave me the mental health break that I desperately needed. I was tired of being at work. Been a week that I’m back to work. I’m still working from home.

In the last six months, my postgrad exams have been postponed thrice and now, we have been given the choice to opt out of exams and get promoted to the finally year just like that. I’m a lil lost about where this course is going for me.

I have been struggling to post here for quite some time. This post has been on my mind for at least two weeks now. I guess that’s enough to convey the struggle I’m having.

Randomness Inked has seen me grow from a college student to a working individual. I have found some really great friends here on WordPress. I don’t want to post here just for the sake of doing it. Randomness Inked holds a special place in my heart. And probably this is the reason why I have not showed up.

I had talked about starting a daily journal in one of my posts in September. I did it religiously till the day my COVID report came (ok, I missed quite a few days in between, but i made up for them by doing a lil bit of cheating :D). After that, I have not been able to back to it again. Been about three weeks.

I had started cycling in November, but COVID put a pause to it. I took the cycle out again last Wednesday but my body felt tired after I covered one-third of the distance I was doing. So I thought I should give my body a week’s time to recover properly. I think I can go now but it’s too cold outside and I feel lazy. I hoping start this Sunday, because that’s when my weekend starts. It would be to go easy next week as I’ll be working in the evening shift. Not thinking about the week after that right now.

I participated in a 20-day self love activity in October-November. And it was a beautiful experience. I was able to share my stories in a safe space. This time, I shared with a group which had strangers and some acquiantances too. So it was a little difficult because I feared judgement. Surprisingly, I was able to overcome that fear.

Ever since the pandemic has begun, I have struggled a lot with my mental health. But I have also tried to taken steps to take care of my mental health.

I have been talking about mental health more openly ever since Sushant’s death (he was a Bollywood actor).

Just like Randomness Inked is my safe place, I had had an urge to create a safe space for others. I tried to work in collab with a friend but we had just been delaying it. Then the 20-day activity happened. Then I had a conversation with a friend about my experience with the activity. A few days later, on November 19, something prompted me to go ahead and give it a start. I decided to start the initiave alone (and my friend with whom I wanted to collab is okay with that).

Souls that listen. A community on Instagram trying to create a safe space for all.

If you’re on Instagram, I would really love for you to join me on this journey. Check out @soulsthatlisten.

This Sunday, I started a newsletter named ‘Dear You’, as a part of Souls that Listen. You can check out the first edition here. It’s titled ‘How are you?’ If you like it, feel free to subscribe and share.

How have you guys been?

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