Secret Pleasures

secret pleasure
Photo from Pinterest

Sitting on the window side

He thought about what she asked

“What do you get from all this?”

He had no answer then

In his actions, a sense of peace

Was there, he felt relaxed

An unknown dark happiness

Seemed to envelope his thoughts

There was relief in pain

He can’t answer her now

He knows that she won’t

Be able to comprehend

His secret pleasures.



2 thoughts on “Secret Pleasures

  1. This might sound really strange but I love how some of your poems read as prose but rearranged slightly. It makes me think that all we have to do sometimes is to rearrange what we are looking at in order to get a fresher perspective on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shhh… you caught my secret 😂😂
      It’s not only about rearranging though. We also have to make it more implicit so that different meanings can be deciphered by different readers 😉


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