Mulakaat 5: Trapped?


Usually I had my French classes during the afternoon. But since it was vacation time for everyone, we had asked the teacher to take morning classes. You would be done with classes by 12 and then you have the whole day to yourself. A pleasant idea for everyone.

That morning I was at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station waiting for my metro to arrive. One of the most crowded places I’ve ever seen.

A metro arrived. Just when a woman boarded the metro, she heard someone saying that it will terminate at Kashmere Gate. She deboarded it. She asked a girl standing infront of me if the metro would go to Vishwavidyalaya. The girl replied in negative and asked her to wait for the next metro to arrive on the same platform. She thanked the girl and started to talk to her. Or maybe she started to talk loudly to herself. The girl didn’t pay any attention to what she was saying.

I wondered why she kept on blabbering when no one was listening. Nope. I was listening to her and somehow, she observed that. There was an eye contact and I was trapped.

She wanted to tell her views about everything and know everything about me. I silently listened to all she had to say, nodding here and there, and replied to all her questions with least interest.

She was going to meet her mother. She allowed me to have a glance at the contents of the bag she was carrying. A Christmas tree, a card, some cake for her mother.  It was Christmas Eve. My interest rose when she told me that she had made them. She told me that she was an art teacher at a school. She loved making stuff like that. The child in me woke up. I suddenly wanted to listen to her. More than half of our journey was done. For the rest half, we had a good conversation sharing our views on random topics.

Throughout the twenty minutes that she spoke, she kept on insisting on one thing. Never sit idle. Always keep yourself busy. She was happy with what she was doing. She was happy with her life.

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