Mulakaat 6: Dig


During one of the monthly interactive meetings of the volunteers, it was discussed that there is a need to interact with the students in a better way. Need Assessment of Students was required.

This idea seemed so exciting to me that I took it up as a project for myself. Entering the minds of children, understanding their thinking process so that we can groom them accordingly by befriending them was the vision. I prepared a list of questions that could be asked to the children. I set myself to work and interacted with Monika first.

Loves to study Science. Makes silly mistakes in Hindi. Likes to give tests and assignments. Learned a lot about science and human body on a trip to National Science Centre. Wants to become an IAS officer.

When asked if our teaching helps her or not, she replied in affirmative. She told that one day, her teacher asked the meaning of “bhanja” (nephew), no one in the class knew its meaning except her. I wanted to know more. But my questionnaire had no more questions.

She answered all the questions very quick, without any fear. She is a confident student.

After playing a number game with her, I bid her goodbye.

The feedback was positive. But teaching sessions didn’t make me feel that. Why? I had to dig deeper.

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2 thoughts on “Mulakaat 6: Dig

    1. Hahahaa.. I agree! 😛 And when kids have stories to tell, questionnaires never seem to come to an end. 😀


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