Mulakaat 4: Comparisons and Competitions

competitions and comparisons.jpg

While walking our way back to the metro station, we drop children to their homes. With a curiosity to know how the first creative writing workshop was for the students, I talked to two of them personally as it is important to take feedbacks from students. Knowing what the children found interesting or boring helps us organise the next sessions in a better way.

Anamika and Monika are sisters. They said that they liked the session. Anamika took help from one of the volunteers to write in English (as already told in Mulakaat 3). Both of them enjoyed writing and wanted us to organise more sessions like these. I asked them on which topic would they like to write on next time. If I were God… If I were a king/queen… A volunteer joined in the conversation and suggested, “How about ‘If I were a boy…’?” Monika instantly replied that if she were a boy, her parents would have loved more. She added to it by saying, “Our parents love Raman bhaiya (her elder brother) more but our maternal uncle loves us more than our parents.”

Then the conversation touched another topic. Anamika was jumping with joy because she has scored more than her elder sister Monika. She was always scolded at home for not being as good as her elder siblings. She often gets angry with her parents. We gave examples from our daily lives and made them realise that parents scold us for our good but it is wrong to be angry with them. Our anger hurts them more than their scolding hurt us.

Many realisations came to me. A child observed and learned from what she observed. Gender bias is deep rooted. No one has been able to escape the rat race competition in today’s world, not even children of 12 or 13. Even after all their sensitive feelings and observations, they haven’t lost their innocence.

There was a lot more to know. I knew I had just opened the book.

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