Souls that Listen podcast

Presenting to you my first podcast 🙂

After Shower – a poem Souls that Listen

Presenting my first poem that I wrote in the summer of 2015.
  1. After Shower – a poem
  2. Tamasha… Meri Kahani

9 thoughts on “Souls that Listen podcast

      1. Same here. I’m here after ages. Just thought I’ll check 😛
        Otherwise staying home, trying to be as safe as possible… Hope you and yours are safe and healthy

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  1. Hey,Saumya. Not much of a podcast person but now that we have home internet I again,I will try to check it out.
    Just wanted to let you know I am still here,pulling for you.

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    1. Hey Niks! You know what? I was having a hard day today and seeing your message just made me smile. We had exchanged some mails on WP, but you never replied. I hope all has been okay with you. How are you and Spook doing? How are your cats?
      Also, I don’t think you’ll understand much from the podcast, it’s in Hindi 😛 I’ll send the translation after work 😛


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