Life happened to me again!

“Life happened to me.” Does it mean that I am sad?

I was having this conversation with an acquaintance (X) a little over a year ago about how I was a science student in school and then took up English during my graduation (an arts course), then studied French, worked with an NGO and ended up studying journalism. It’s a big deal here in India to change streams, to not follow the conventional career path.

So, while having this conversation an expected question was asked- “Why so much variety?”

And I was quick to answer- “Life happened to me!”

We plan a lot of things for ourselves. Some turn out to be good, others turn out to be bad. We are able to do some, we have to give up others. I guess that is what life is all about. No?

Unsurprisingly, X also had a story similar to mine. Why unsurprisingly?

All of us have been victims and survivors of the education system. (I have had a lot of conversations about the education system in our country too. But I don’t want to talk about that right now.)

I have answered this “why so much variety?” question to a lot of people. But this particular conversation with X stands apart for one reason.

When I told X that I don’t plan to become a journalist, X asked what if I was dragged into it. And being my (rarely) sarcastic self, I said, “Then I’d be telling somebody else that life happened to me again!” Though we had a good laugh after my reply, I never thought that I’d be writing about the conversation today.

Look there, on the other side.
#Moments Photo by Saumya Agrawal

Fast forward to present: Someone asked me if I was doing well. I really appreciated her concern but what surprised me is that she asked me the question because I had said “life happened to me”.

Her concern made me realise that we have come to a point where we equate life with troubles, problems, worries, sorrows and other negative emotions and things.

To be honest, when I told X that “life happened to me” a year ago, somewhere down the line, my sarcasm was my way of expressing my disappointment with life.

Life has definitely played games with me time and again. And it played another game with me a couple of months ago which prompted me to say, “Life happened to me again!”

However, this time I uttered these words without any sarcasm, sorrow or disappointment. I have travelled a long meandering journey in the last few years. I try to not equate life with negative emotions anymore. And I am glad that life happened to me again!


For Weekend Writing Prompt 104

12 thoughts on “Life happened to me again!

  1. Whenever someone complains about something I say: “Life”. We do equate it with the glass half empty. I say: “Things change” when it’s not necessarily something negative. I will try to be more conscious about making life the fall-guy.

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    1. See complaining, looking at the half empty glass- it’s all fine. We tend to do that. But doing that at all times isn’t right. I’m not asking to make life all innocent. All I’m trying to say that I’ve been trying to change my perspective towards life.

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  2. Your statement regarding trying not to equate life with negative emotions anymore really struck a chord in me. I’ve read it a few times, just to “try it on for size” and on a personal level, I admire you for choosing this perspective. Because as you’ve stated, “Life happened to me.” I think that acknowledging that both negative and positive events are going to happen to us as long as we are living, goes without saying. Or questioning. That IS life. It’s the not allowing these life events to control the way we navigate life that I struggle with and am working on. It is indeed a journey.

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    1. Yes, exactly. There’s both positive and negative. Life isn’t always good, but life isn’t always bad. I’m glad I could make you think about it.

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  3. Thanks, great post. John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens when we’re making other plans…” My life follows very unexpected twists and turns. When I am open to them, I’m happier. I’m glad you embrace the changes. Sounds like you’re finding your way and that’s a blessing. -Rebecca

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    1. I think Lennon was somewhat right. But I wonder what happens when we stop making plans?

      I can’t sat that accepting the twists and turns has always made me happy but it has indeed given me the strength to move forward.

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