Dear G and R

Dear G and R

I know you both would not have been expecting me to write a letter to you.

G, you remember, you once told me who knows if we’ll stay in touch or not. (I am guessing that you remember because I keep on bringing that chat again and again.) As you already know it, I was taken aback when you said that. It was a blunt reply. But it was true.

You recently said one more thing which has stayed with me. If we meet a lot, we may not feel so comfortable. Oh yes, I might even start ignoring you guys. 😀 Too much involvement gets on my nerves.

But I’m so thankful to you G, for hearing me out that day. You’ve always let me be.

Oh, don’t feel left out R. But start being honest about time, pleaseeee? I love the carefree kid in you who can make anybody happy. I love the mature adult in you who has the solution to all my problems.

I always tell you, we should talk more. We connect a lot. You were right that day when you said we don’t need (spoken) language to understand others but we do need language.

R, You are completely the opposite of what I had imagined you as, based on what I had heard about you.

You two are ‘My precious’ 😉 Oh I still laugh at the joke! I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. Three mature adults having meaningful conversations, giving each other space, allowing each other to be crazy whenever required.

Let’s catch up soon.. I know it’s going to be in September only 😛



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In response to 10-day Letter Writing Challenge

11 thoughts on “Dear G and R

      1. Hahaa.. looks like I will become a good journalist (if I wish to stay in the field in long term :D)
        Good that you’re having second thoughts coz both of them are my age 😛 😀


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