A note of kindness for myself

Does that sound selfish? Oh no! It’s self love. Last month, I attended a virtual talk of a friend who is a counsellor. In the talk, we were asked, who is the most important person in your life.

While many of us consider our families as the most important people in our lives, we forget to count ourselves. That’s was the point those counsellors wanted to put forth. Interestingly, my answer was:


Yes! And now, Cyranny is asking all of us to spread some kindness around. So, I thought why not kick-start this challenge by showering some kindness on myself?

Now, coming to the task, thank something you are grateful for.

Thankyou Saumya for not giving up when times were hard. Thankyou Saumya for letting go those and what to make your life better.
Thankyou Saumya for believing in yourself again.
Thankyou Saumya for all the battles that you’ve fought with yourself and others.
Putting your honest opinion forth has been something that make me feel proud of you.
Your curiousness and dedication will guide your path. But don’t forget to take a pause every one in a while to breathe!

With love

I’ll be sending messages (not comfortable with calls) to people throughout the month. I did two similar activities back in March and April. The first one was a part of a WhastApp game in which one had to send me a Hi to and I wrote a note for them. The second one was an initiative of the NGO I am associated with. So this time, I’m thinking of picking up new people! Let’s see how it goes…..

Feel free to join in and make someone smile with your words ❤

17 thoughts on “A note of kindness for myself

  1. I love the positive thoughts. I don’t deserve them, but here’s my version, and it blesses me.

    Thank You, Jesus, for not giving up on me when I was messing everything up.
    Thank You, Jesus, for helping me let go of the destructive things in my life and replacing them with what makes my life better.
    Thank You, Jesus, for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.
    Thank You, Jesus, for arming me for every battle, and for giving me victory over my enemies, both seen and unseen.
    Thank You for telling me Your opinion, because it’s the only opinion that matters.
    Thank You for letting me know You’re proud of me.
    Thank You for giving me the curiosity to ask questions. Thank You for giving me the answers to guide me to the right path and giving me the perseverance to stay on it.
    Thank You for letting me know it’s OK to pause and rest, and for letting me rest in You. You are the air I breathe. ❤

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    1. yes it is. while we seek love outside, it is all inside.
      I’m already thanking people with looooongggg messages. are you planning to join in?

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