A letter to an old friend

Dear V

I still have that letter that you gave me. It’s been a long time since I read it. I don’t know what made you write it. I wrote you a letter a year later, on your birthday. I was missing you. But we lost touch. Just like that!

That day, when I was roaming in the society with a girl to pass my time. There was another 1.5 hour left for my next class. After a month of trying the ‘going back home and then coming again’ wasn’t making any sense. The first time I met you, it was the first day I decided to stay back.

It was really awkward when you were introduced to me. I was thinking that why is this girl making me meet a random neighbour of hers. But I didn’t know that you were in my class too. I hadn’t seen you since I started taking the classes.

It was probably your sanity that made feel comfortable around you. I really miss those times we spent chatting about anything and everything. Those long conversations that wouldn’t ever get over. This was all back in 2011.

I remember that talk on the phone after our Class 12 exams. That was the last time we talked. I think our friendship closed as soon as the ways parted.

I never called you again. Never visited your place.

A year after that last talk, I wrote that letter to you. You know, I still have it.

Oh no, I skipped a whole year in between when we did not meet. If I am not wrong, you gave that letter to me when I returned to classes after a year, just before Class 12 exams in 2013. And after the exams that phone call came. And then, a year later in 2014, the letter I wrote for you.

When I tried contacting you on WhatsApp, I never got a reply. You had changed your number. I tried searching you on Facebook even after knowing that you wouldn’t be there. I had lost all hopes of finding you.

I don’t know why I never tried visiting your place.

Fast forward to 2015: I am scrolling through the my Instagram feed. my eye catches a name on the ‘like’ list of a photo. It says ‘VD’. My eyes brighten up! I don’t think there would be any other VD in the whole world. And even if there is, why would same name pop up on my feed. I scrolled up to check whose post it was. Yes, it was a mutual friend.

I sent a message on that handle and waited and waited and waited. Finally after hours, a reply came back and my happiness knew no bounds. It felt as if I had won a treasure. Probably because you were the only person I had first felt connected to.

You were the same. You hadn’t forgotten me. You made me feel as if we had never stopped talking. Yet I could feel the distance between us. Probably because we had grown up.

We have been talking peeping into each other’s chat windows every now and then..catching up with each other’s lives.. But it’s not the same as it used to be. This time, you din’t move to another city but to another country. I don’t know if you still feel that connection between us but I do.

Pagal 😛

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In response to 10-day Letter Writing Challenge

6 thoughts on “A letter to an old friend

    1. Yes, it’s a small world.

      My mum recently (3-4 years ago) got connected with one of her school friends. The somehow managed to get numbers of the whole gang, except one. This lady, Mum was really attached to. She went crazy and looked up for her profile n her husband’s profile on facebook. I was like, aise mil jaate log to kya baat thi. You never know if aunty uses facebook or not. Not all of the people from your generation are interested in social media. But she didn’t listen. Mum managed to find the husband’s office number on Google. But sadly, the number was old. When we went to mama’s place in summer vacations, she even went to aunty’s house. But they had sold everything and moved to another place. No contact. After days n months of searching, she found her husband’s profile on fb with a kid’s photo. I told mum, this is a kid’s profile. There were kids pics. But she managed to find a pic in the profile of the kid with his dad who seemed to be her friends husband. She dropped a message. The kid was using his father’s name on fb and got app excited to see his mum’s school time friend msging on facebook. Eventually, they exchanged numbers and have stayed in contact since then. I can’t tell you how happy she was to reconnect with those friends.


      1. Amazing story. Well done to mummyji for not giving up the chase. I’m so glad they made contact and now are back sharing those memories. We are all connected to each other in some way or another.

        Liked by 1 person

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