Dear Stranger(s)

Dear Stranger(s)

We were on the same train. Not only were we unaware of each other’s presence but also existence. In all these years, I have met so many of you. We may have had eye contact, we may have passed each other a smile or may have just walked past each other.

Do you realise that our paths intersected? We shared our journeys towards our destinations. We breathed the same air and we heard the same melodies.

In those shared moments, you left a part of yourself in me, and I left a part of myself in you. Isn’t it beautiful?

Maybe we won’t meet again, maybe we will…. Who knows?


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In response to 10-day Letter Writing Challenge

11 thoughts on “Dear Stranger(s)

  1. Like that about each ‘leaving a part of themselves on each other. That’s like an imprint….maybe we exchange positivity, smells, a habit, sadness, joy.
    Makes me wonder what a stranger really is…we can spend our entire lives around people we technically know but remain strangers to us…is the line blurred…fascinates me.
    Those public transport journeys throw up so many opportunities.

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    1. Hey, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Your blog has a clean layout but I’d suggest that add a menu, some categories to make browsing through your blog easier. Also, an about page and a contact page would help your readers know you better and reach out to you 🙂

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