The (beautiful) paintings

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Look there!
There is a painting.
Yes, there!
Everybody is happy in it.
It is such a beautiful painting.
But that girl there,
She is crying.
It has been hours
She has been crying like this.
She is also beautiful.
Crying is beautiful too.
Let’s pick her up
And put her in another painting.
In this one, everybody is crying.
This painting is beautiful too.
This girl,
If she becomes happy,
She has the power
To make everybody happy.
Do you understand
What I’m trying to say?

She has the power to make the world happy.
But why should she be always responsible to make the world happy?
Why can’t she think only about herself for once?

You don’t want her to cry.
Why do you think crying is only for the weak?
Can’t crying help her let it all go?

You want her to be happy.
But why are you denying her the emotion of being sad?
Why are you taking away her power to take her decisions?

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