I schedule most of my posts – Blogging Insights #40

How often do you use the “schedule” feature on Word Press and how useful do you find it?
When I started blogging, I used to publish posts directly. As life started to get busier, I shifted to scheduling them.

How far ahead do you schedule your posts?
Sometimes as far as 2 months.
When I’m actively blogging, I usually work on my posts during the weekend (which is Sunday and Monday). I schedule posts for the following week.

If my creative juices are on a high and I end up writing more publish-worthy content, I

I wrote the answers of Blogging Insight from #29 to #41 in one day. This post was written on August 22. Didn’t want to spam my readers with too many tips, so I settled with scheduling one Insight post per week.

Okay, stop rolling your eyes.

Do you schedule posts? How far ahead?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights # 40 : Scheduling

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