Moments #68

Social Distancing Day 54 (May 7, 2020)

Another Indian snack.
My sister has been fulfilling her cravings and treating us 😛

Description for visually impaired: A snap of three tikkis floating in curd on a plate. There’s my garden in the background because indoor light wasn’t giving the feel 😛

14 thoughts on “Moments #68

  1. Appetizing. one stupid question if I may – Why do you add the text description of visually impaired? My first thought was, if they cant see the picture may be they wont be able to read. Don’t mind my ignorance.

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    1. I wouldn’t have understood your question if Goldie hadn’t mentioned the read aloud thing. 🙈Yeah, there are apps that read the text aloud. The idea of descriptions wasn’t mine. I borrowed it from another blogger friend.
      And yeah, I add it only to the posts that are photo-based.


    1. Its curd. Not sauce 😛
      There are many people here who eat it with without any curd or sweet sauce (made from raw mango), some people eat it with a lil bit of sweet sauce. Many like to add coriander chutney. I don’t know if you know chutney 🤔

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