The title of my book

For a long time, I have wanted to write a book about myself. I have started writing it a couple of times. Every time I picked up the pen (or my online notes) to write, I ended up focusing on a different chapter of my life. I have spent numerous hours thinking about what my autobiography be called. Have come up with a list of names n number of times. But never found something that I’d like to keep after 10 years. (I know I think a lot about future.)

Recently, Apinder asked on Blogger Community what would you title a book you write about yourself. I was clueless for almost a week. But when I began writing this post, it just clicked me. I may end up changing it again when I actually start writing my book and then change it another hundred times while writing it.

Pause to Breathe

Yes. A lesson in the title and more than a hundred stories inside.

Apinder also asked for an outline in 100 words on what the book is going to be about. It’s going to be about me. Ok, bad joke. Let’s try..

Saumya is running away from the demons of her past and is too much worried about her future. She forgets to breathe in the present. In a world where everywhere is running a rat race to win the game of life, she decides to stop, or better say, pause.

Pause to Breathe is the coming of age story of a shy teenager growing up to become a socially awkward adult. It is a journey from fear, anxiety, doubt, hate and darkness to self love, calmness, serenity, confidence and rainbows of an ambivert who ditches the ways of the world.

That’s 99 words.

If you write a book about yourself, what be be its title? Or if there’s a movie based on your life, what would be its name?

29 thoughts on “The title of my book

  1. I am sticking with my reply from the community. Lunatic Fringe, book and movie. People mistake my behavior as me being a lunatic and I’ve always been on the fringes of every group, never really fitting anywhere. And I love music so using the name of a vintage rock and roll song is an ode to that.

    I’m not very interesting, though, so I won’t be writing that book any time soon. I am waiting to go wild in my fifties once my kid id raised then I can regale people with tales about the old hag chasing guys half her age and amassing an even larger stable of cats to enhance my crazy cat lady status. 😉

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    1. To be determined? Or is it something else?

      I am never going to get a tattoo.. 1. What if I get bored of it after some time? 2. It’s painful to get it 😛

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      1. Exactly. To be determined. IF I did it as a tattoo, it would be stylized letters that looked like art but known only to me. I have thought about it quite a bit but am also too big of a wimp about needles 😉

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      2. By nature I am strong willed. But tbd is more about the ongoing application of that will…that it’s evolving, which speaks to my curiosity and desire to create. I am old enough to have and live with a strong sense of purpose, which brings me joy every day.

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      3. This is intriguing. What do you desire to create? What have you created in the past?


  2. I see that we’ve got many things in common Saumya 🙂 I’ve been also thinking about writing a book about myself, but any trial failed until now. I really like the title of your book and I can totally relate to the description you came up with. I find myself there as well. I’d definitely buy your book so I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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    1. I haven’t begun writing it yet and I’m already having readers interested. Wow!

      What would you title your book?


      1. I think it’s the best sign that you should start writing it! 🙂 I didn’t think yet about a potential title of my book. Maybe it would be easier to come up with the one if I had at least a general vision of what would be its form, its content, etc. For now, it’s a kind of blurred perspective, but thanks to such people like you, it’s getting clearer 🙂

        Do you already know what would be the form of your book? A poem, a novel, free thoughts or any other?

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      2. What do you think us the best sign?
        To tell you the truth, if I start writing it, I might sensor some things right now. I want to be honest with myself.
        It would probably be a mixture of letters to my younger, current and elder self along with poems.


      3. The best sign is when people get curious about your book before you actually write it. I think you could start writing it and share with people excerpts to see if the interest is still high. I would be glad to read them.

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      4. Yeah it is. But don’t you think it’s a long term commitment? Can’t be completing it with writing just 50 words a day :O


      5. Definitely, it’s not a short term commitment. 50 words a day might not be enough, but the average post on WP takes around 1000-1500 words. Say, you write one page per day and in one year you get 365 pages of your book 😉 Everything depends on your motivation.

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    1. Hi! I’m sorry I can’t recall you weblog. Could you share the link?
      Which ideas did you like? Would love to know what’s making my readers interested 😉


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