My Blogging Firsts

Krisha who blogs at Krisha’s Cozy Corner tagged me for this activity which made me nostalgic. I thought it was going to be an interesting and short post, but I ended up hunting the archives of my blog. Here are the results:

Pls Note: I have changed the firsts as per my blog’s categories.

First Blog Name
This was my first blog. I have accounts on other platforms too but this is where I have been regular. Randomness Inked was initially called Unspoken Words.
When I changed the blog’s name to Randomness Inked, I took the essence of the first name in the tagline, ‘Scribbling the Unspoken’.

First Blog Post/First Poem

This was the first ever poem I wrote back in the summers of 2015. If I’m not wrong, I published it a few days after writing it. So I don’t really remember the exact date of writing this poem.

WordPress tells me that this blog was created in September 2014 (I am still trying to figure out the exact date :P) but I consider that my blogging journey began with After Shower.

First Blog I Followed
Regaining India. This is my real life friend’s blog.

First Like
I couldn’t figure out a way to find out the first like I received. If anyone knows, let me know how to hunt them 😛

First Comment
It was a comment by mairacharmed on July 8, 2015 on my second poem The Road Taken.

“Beautifully written. Everything you said is very true. Life always leads us to a something good. When we make a choice, it’s for the best. Something exciting is right around the corner 🙂 Ps you’re very pretty”

First Follower
Heraclitus has been following me since July 2015. It’s strange how I don’t remember reading this blog. Over time, I came across so many new blogs that keeping up with each one of them got really difficult.

First Life Musing

Quite interesting to see that this post was made in July 2015. It was in late 2018 or early 2019 that I went back to all my posts to categorise them.

First Short Story

The Ants

She woke, shivering, in the dark of the night. All she could see was black. Was it a dream? But why that same dream again and again, night after night? Continue reading The Ants

This was written back in February 2018. I don’t write a lot of short stories.

First Letter

Co-incidentially this was also my first guest post for another blog. When I was asked to share my story, I thought of writing a letter to my younger self as the idea of letters and talking to myself-at-X-age has always fascinated me.

First Long-Term Project

Mulakaatein, meaning meetings, is one of the most beautiful chapters of my life. It has glimpses of the year when I started understanding what is self-love. Though the experiences began in mid 2016, I decided to document it only mid 2017.

Mulakaatein was what prompted me to post at least once a week.

It was supposed to be a 30 part series of my experiences of meeting people. But as life happened, I could only write 15 parts. I have the gist of the rest of the chapters. I am hopeful that I will complete it one day.

(The carousel shows the last post first.)

First Prompt Participation

I discovered the idea of being inspired to write blogs via prompts in January 2018. Though it might sound quite late to you, it’s not for me as I began posting more often only in December 2017.

If this made you nostalgic about your blogging journey, feel free to write a post about your blogging firsts. If you participate, do pingback to this post to notify me! I would love to read your answers.

13 thoughts on “My Blogging Firsts

  1. Great you decided to do the tag…loved reading it…you have been blogging since 5 years that is quite an accomplishment….I am thinking of participating in prompts now…I am not sure which one I shall do…there are so many !…any suggestions

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Krisha. It was really fun to do the tag.

      I know there’s a pool of them. Don’t try to do them all. See what suits you. See if you’d like do participate in them daily or weekly. There are prompts which ask for a particular style of writing- fiction, poetry, etc. There are some that have word limits- one sentence, three lines. There are some that are coMpletely open ended.
      There are photo based prompts, word based prompts, music based prompts.


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