Mulakaat 10: An Impact


With an aim to celebrate mistakes, a Rooabru session was planned with the children. All volunteers and students were required to introduce themselves in English by telling their name, class and hobby, and then share a mistake they had done in the past and infer the lesson learnt from it. Since students felt shy to share their mistakes, volunteers shared theirs first. The most unexpected story was from Khushi.

Khushi is the youngest student in the class and one of the quietest students also. She would hesitate a bit to speak even when asked something and hence, a story from her was unexpected. When her turn to speak came, we did not have to ask her to think of a story she could share with everyone. (We had to do ask others!) She instantly started to narrate her tale. I was surprised to see her speak infront of everyone.

After the activity was done, she came to me and asked with a sweet voice if she could go and have some water from a nearby tap. I allowed her and asked if she wanted me to accompany her. She replied with confidence that she’ll help herself. From my place, I observed her quench her thirst. The disciplined student returned after a minute to inform me that she was back. I asked her to go and sit at her place. She obeyed.

To thank people in our lives, the next activity for the day was Thanksgiving. Students had to make leaves to thank their parents, friends and teachers.

While helping out the kids with the cutting of leaves of different shapes, sizes and colours, I found my name on the leaf made by Khushi. For the very first time, I felt that I was making an impact in the lives of these children.

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