Mulakaat 14: Friendshake



Vijay had not completed his homework in a class and thus, he was asked to complete it by next class. When we met in the next class, he had done it but it was later revealed to me that Kokila completed his homework (Mulakaat 8). After asking a few questions, to which he replied only by nodding or by shaking his head in denial, I got to know that he was scared of me. Some volunteers spoke in my favour, while others made fun that he should actually be scared of me.  At first, I was taken aback but then I realised that he was scared of me because of my strictness in class. I tried to make him understand that I am his friend and at times, I do laugh while I am scolding.

Due to the usual time constrain, I could not talk to him more. Then, in the session after that, I decided to talk and interact with him. He did not respond to my questions in the first go. I thought, it is expected, after all he’s scared of me!

Wants to become a Black Commando who saves the world. The Commando is strong because he exercises regularly. Says that he likes English but had not completed English homework! Doesnot like Maths because the teacher doesn’t tell whether he has to add or subtract. Likes the new and big words we teach. Likes tests. Loved the introductory session when we celebrated our mistakes (Mulakaat 10). Doesn’t find Roobaru and Naitikta sessions productive. (I made him understand the aim of these sessions.) Humayun’s Tomb trip a favourite.  Thinks that we help him with his studies. (Told him to break big words into parts to make pronunciations easier. King+dom= kingdom).

The soft spoken child was lost in his own world for most of the time we conversed. To start our friendship, I made him do a friendshake (handshake of friends) with me.

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