Mulakaat 11: Naitikta


A need for Naitikta session was felt as something disturbing had happened. It was suggested that a lesson should be taught to all the students by narrating a story.

Naitikta Day started with a prayer. Students were made to write down, recite and understand the meaning of the prayer during the first half of the session. Three girls were made to stand at the back during this time.

After reciting the prayer for a second time, the students were asked if they knew why were three of them standing the whole time. None could answer. The idea of telling a story was dropped on the spot and it was decided by the coordinator that the issue should be discussed directly.

Everyone was told of the misbehaviour of the three girls when they were taken out for experiential learning. Two of the girls straightaway denied of their involvement. When the third one was asked to answer, she remained silent. Some students agreed to have noticed of the misconduct of these girls. They were asked what they thought of the issue. Some said that they should be given a warning and punished next time, while others suggested that the girls should be punished so that no such thing is repeated again.

Keeping in mind the fact that these girls had been naughty and disobedient in the past also, they were dismissed from the classes for the next six weeks. They accepted the punishment without uttering a word.

They were asked to return to their homes and their parents were informed of their unacceptable behaviour and the punishment.

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