Mulakaat 13: A Journey


It seemed to me another usual metro journey until I reached platform 3 of Rajiv Chowk metro station. After deboarding from the yellow line metro, I climbed up the stairs to find a huge crowd waiting for me to become a part of it.  Confused, I started to make my way towards the women’s coach. Usually, it hardly took me a minute to reach there. But on this day, it took me about five minutes.

I was standing there for ten minutes when an overloaded metro arrived. All those wishing to travel on the Vaishali route rushed towards the gates of the train. Everyone was pushing each other to board the metro. The crowd was so mad that they didn’t allow the ones inside to deboard. People created hindrance in the closing of the door and thus, the gates opened again and again. All they wanted was to board the train even when there was no space for them even to stand. The guards had to hit people to either push them inside or pull them outside so that the train could resume its journey.

After another long interval, the second metro arrived. This one was also destined to Vaishali. The behaviour of the crowd was no better this time.

The display screen said that the next metro would terminate at Noida City Centre. A relief it was! As soon as this metro reached the platform, the display screen changed the destination to Vaishali. Already tired after the long day, I became frustrated.

Remembering that my mother must be waiting for me to reach home in another 15 minutes, I called her up to inform that I was stuck for an indefinite period.

The fourth metro that arrived was to terminate at Noida City Centre but I never got a chance to board it. Thanks to the insane crowd!

I decided to board the fifth one, no matter where it was meant to be going. I needed to get out of the place and get going. All this time a woman who was standing infront of me, was directing people to keep calm and act sanely. But who would listen? I noticed her but did not give much attention.

The fifth metro arrived. The woman boarded it with me. But now we were far apart. An old lady also boarded with us. All of us were being pushed from every side in all possible ways. The woman who was now far apart, screamed at the top of her voice so as to make some space for the old lady to get a seat. At another station, a pregnant lady boarded the metro. She made sure that she also got a seat to sit. I wonder where people like her are these days. In an insane crowd, one sane, caring and generous person made the annoying journey a memorable one for me!

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