Mulakaat 8: Another One


A big motivation for a teacher is that her students have the will to learn. A girl named Kokila had asked me how she could improve her speaking skills. My next interviewee was this child.

Wants to become a Maths teacher. Doesn’t like science and social studies but loved the visit to National Science Centre because she saw dinosaurs with moving wings. Has difficulty in understanding meanings of stuff in her books. Yet finds it exciting to complete other student’s homework (for which she has obviously been scolded).

She wants us to have more sessions of reading comprehensions. She does understand the importance of good communication skills and wants to learn English but her mischievousness doesn’t allow her to concentrate in class. Her mind hovers here and there all the time.

I wished to address one issue while I talked to her. She and her sisters attended another NGO’s classes due to which they came late for our classes. Since we were trying to maintain a classroom environment for the students, we wanted everyone to be punctual.

When I took up this issue, she smartly said that she attended only our classes. I said that I personally came to pick her up for the class and her parents told me many times that she had gone to study at some other place. Finally, she accepted and replied that her father asked her to go there as there was time for us to arrive and thus, she could attend both the classes. And this resulted in another thing that concerned me more. She missed out the concepts of important topics because of coming late. After talking for a while, we figured out two solutions- shifting the class timings (which we had already been planning) and talking to her parents about it.

On our way back to her home, she excitedly asked about the results of a drawing competition that was held in the previous session. Unlike me, how concerned and curious these kids are to know the result of a silly competition!

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