Mulakaat 15: We Teach


I did not get a chance to interact with Raman, an eighth class student, for a long time since he didn’t attend many classes for some or the other reason.

I encouraged him to converse in English which he tried his level best.

Wants to join Air Force. Loves studying Science but has not visited a science laboratory yet! Is a great artist. Finds History a troubling subject. Doesn’t like to write. But loves to talk. (I guess that’s the case with most of the students.) Understand what we teach. Insists on the point that we teach and do not beat. Says that school teachers beat when students ask questions. Because of the beating in school, students are scared to ask their doubts.

What does he like the most in our sessions? We asking questions to make sure that the topics are well understood by the students. Asks us to ask him more questions.

He had participated in a quiz competition organised by a college of Delhi University. While sharing his experience of the day, he said that he didn’t like the quiz much as every participant was screaming answers and thus, he didn’t get a chance to answer. He enjoyed playing games there.

He is the discipline monitor of the class. When asked if he finds students disciplined, he replied in negative. He justified that other children don’t listen to him. I asked him to be more strict and told him to come to me if he faces problem even after that.

Raman is a sincere and bright student. What we need to do is to give him a push to help him find his path.

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