Mulakaat 7: A Tip for the Day


With the same set of questions, I decided to dig deeper into the answers. It was time to question the ‘question bank of the class’, Anamika.

Her favourite subject is Hindi. She has started to like English because of the new way of teaching we have adopted recently. She can identify that change clearly. Our new method focuses more on clearing the basics of English and Mathematics. She pointed out the things that she already knew and the new things that we taught. She actively indulges herself in all kinds of activities that we carry out and is always excited to share her stories with us. The bubbly girl wishes to become a doctor when she grows and wants to teach poor children like we do.

She pointed out that her school teachers are fast and do not let the students ask many questions. On the contrary, we clear all doubts and that too patiently.

To check her pronunciation skills, I opened a notebook and asked her to read a few lines. She pronounced ‘got’ as ‘goat’ and ‘student’ as ‘iss-tudent’. I corrected her pronunciation of these words by using different methods. Then, I made her write the pronunciations of a few words in Hindi so that she could practice them at home. This activity made me realise that she was being extra conscious while pronouncing few words which made her pronounce them incorrectly (even when she knew the correct pronunciations).  I told her not to be scared of pronouncing new words incorrectly. As a tip for the day, I asked her to break big words into parts and then pronounce them.

An interactive talk it was!

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4 thoughts on “Mulakaat 7: A Tip for the Day

    1. Thankyou Suze! Yes I love them a lot. I love kids a lot (Except when their crying makes me deaf :D)


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