Are you grateful for your blog? Blogging Insights #8

Are you grateful for your blog?
A big YES! I am. Blogging has not only been my extra-curricular activity but also something that has allowed me to vent out my thoughts. I have been able to be myself here. I am grateful that I have not been judged here. I am grateful to this blog for helping me accept myself for who I am.

How do you express your gratitude?
I run a series called ‘Our Garden of Gratitude‘. These weekly posts are a chance for everyone to pause their lives for a moment and be thankful to the little things they have.

Also, I try to discover new blogs and drop them comments on their posts like many of you guys did on mine, just to encourage them in their journey, to let them know that they are not alone, to assure them that they are being heard.

Has blogging added value to your life?
Another big YES! Very much. When I compare blogging with other social media platforms, I feel that I invest my time here and waste my time there. I have found much better friends here. Here, we understand that it is okay to not reply instantly. Here, it’s a lot more positive. Here, I don’t need to hide behind a veil.

I’d like to mention that I proudly write on my resume that I am a blogger at Randomness Inked since 2015. I know that not everyone I know in real life (considering blogging to be virtual) has the time or interest to read what I write, but I am glad that there are some of these people who have taken out time from their lives to read and appreciate what I write.

If you are a blogger, how has blogging helped you in your life?

If you are a reader, how would you compare blogging with other forms of social media?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights #8- Are you grateful for your blog?, JusJoJan

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28 thoughts on “Are you grateful for your blog? Blogging Insights #8

  1. Definitely grateful for my blog.

    It’s helped me connect with people, sharpen my writing skills, and eased a lot of mental tension.

    I like to think that I express gratitude in every conversation I have. Moreover, my Stormer Award is also something that shows my appreciation to my readers.

    I definitely see a ton of added value from blogging. I like you investing vs. wasting comparison. No other social media comes close to being as awesome as the blogging platforms.

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  2. I love my blog and the fact that I blog, it has given me something that I can’t really give a value to. It’s allowed me to write what I think, feel what I want and find great people. 🙂

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  3. Yes, it is interesting that so few of our friends and family read our blogs, but hundreds of “strangers” will. (We don’t stay strangers for long. 😉 )
    I am grateful (and it blows my mind a little) that I am able to share my faith through my stories with people all over the world, without leaving my kitchen!

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    1. Yes, we don’t stay strangers for long.
      You gave me a good laugh with your “without leaving my kitchen”. you’re either an introvert or a chef 😂

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      1. I have extended my social circle because of blogging. I have met many bloggers at events, and even won awards for my blog because of it, and the biggest thing, I got the confidence, and encouragement to finally publish my first novel – it’s out on 9th Feb!

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      2. There are many across the world, you should look up blog awards in your country!
        There are the Bloggies, and we have the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards here, along many others.
        People nominate blogs for certain categories, and then once selected, they are up for people to vote, and the top voted one wins the category!

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  4. I wasn’t aware of real blog awards either. (I am from the UK.)

    I am grateful for my blog. This is the inly blog I write, but not the first one I have ever written.

    My blog started out as theraputic and it still can be. I had rather heavy stuff to unburden, in addition to my counselling. My blog still helps to vent at times, but I like to try and make it a positive blog too.
    Like before I have found lovely bloggers and readers here. There is a lovely community on WordPress of like minded people. A place where I don’t feel alone in my thoughts. It’s helped me and my blog has helped others too.
    Those that have followed most of my journey have seen me grow, as they have put it. They have enjoyed being on my journey.
    It’s nice to follow other blogs and be able to comment back on theirs, as they do with me. It’s like an extended family of friends.

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    1. That’s so heartwarming Liz. I’m happy that your blog has helped you. What’s better that you helped others with your blog.

      Where did you blog before this? Why did you make a new blog?

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      1. I blogged from 2008 until I think up to tje year before, before starting this one. It was a deaf blog, so I shared about my deafness and hearing loss related things.
        I followed blogs to do with the same thing. The last 2 or 3 years of my blog, I felt it was having a negative effect on me. I eventually deleted it about a month or two after I put up a notice I wouldn’t be writing no more.

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      2. Oh! I hope you feel much better with the new blog. What were the lessons that you took from the earlier blog that you applied on the new one? What were the difficulties that you faced in building up a new blog?

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      3. I didn’t take any lessons from my old blog than what I already learnt already with the time I wrote that one.
        This blog I feel is so different. More positive and flexible. Yes, I have difficult days and the blog shows this. But more positive.
        I have a couple, (or more I may not know) I l know of that have followed my journey here and who I am friends with.
        I feel like there has been a lot more interaction on my new blog and also via other blogs, which I feel gives more of a supportive community and extended friends. But we are all like minded in similar journeys and without the political stuff, that I felt in the deaf world.
        So yes, this is certainly more better that I have benefited from and like wise some readers have said too. I feel I can be more flexible with what I write too. 😊

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      4. Yes, positivity gives flexibility. If you visit my earlier posts, many of them are negative. But now, I try to turn all my negative thoughts into positive posts. But I never thought of deleting my blog and creating a new one, or even deleting the posts to start afresh, because I feel that they are a reminder of what I was going through at that time and that I have survived it.
        WP community is really very supportive. I love people here more than in the real world.

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      5. I deleted my old blog because it was a deaf blog. I called it Liz’s deaf blog. So this was why I deleted it. I wanted to move away from the deaf stuff.

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    1. Hi Ricardo! I have been blogging since 2015.
      I’m glad you like the layout. It has been a trial and error journey for me. I keep on looking for new themes, widgets and formats that I can try to make it look reader-friendly. My focus has been on helping a user browse through my blog conveniently. As far as content is concerned, it all comes from the soul. 🙂 Keep reading!


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