I went on a date with myself (Part 1)

This post was written on Jan 12, 2020 while basking in the sun outside the halls of World Book Fair 2020.

It looks cloudy but the sun was really warm. #Moments

I have come here after two years. I guess. Because I remember not coming last year; I didn’t have time because of my exhausting internship.

I usually ask someone to tag along with me, because I really don’t understand how to roam around all by myself. I usually feel the need of having some company when going out in public. What if I get bored?

I remember the only time I went out alone was to watch a movie. That was 3-4 years back. Though I don’t remember which movie it was. Since the theatre was dark and I just had to focus on the movie, there was no issue of getting bored. I didn’t have to face people.

This time, I thought I should go alone. Be by myself. Had been thinking about it since a week. But I was not sure. I let the thought be. I knew if I over thought about it, I would end up spending my Sunday at home again, doing nothing.

All this week, I was feeling exhausted emotionally. I needed a break. Had been waiting for my weekend to start. Last night, when my mother asked what do I want for breakfast and lunch for Sunday, I told her I’ll be going to the Book Fair. I didn’t feel like pressurising myself about waking up early in the morning and reaching on time. Though I ended up waking up early, maybe because there was a lil stress to go alone. I thought I can just skip it.

But I knew if I skip it, I’ll be getting a chance to go again only next year. All those stories on Instagram about my acauiantces buying books from here, they gave me a lil push.

I somehow managed to get ready in time. Yes, I was forcing myself a lil bit about the time, so that I could return before it starts getting cold outside.

Read part 2 here to know how the date turned out.


Let’s appreciate little things in life!

10 thoughts on “I went on a date with myself (Part 1)

  1. I bet you had a blast!
    I enjoy going places by myself. Yes, sometimes I like to take someone with me, but it depends on what it is and how I feel.
    Yes, you have no one to talk to, but it also means that you get to do exactly what YOU want to, without feeling guilty.

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    1. Yes, there is this guilt of forcing ppl to do things the you want them. Or they force you to do things their way. I mean yes, we may be friends but then we can’t be agreeing on everything.

      I won’t say it was a blast but yeah it turned out to be better than I had expected.

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      1. Last year I went to a concert with a friend who wasn’t particularly thrilled about going.
        “Can we leave now?” – I heard that ask.
        Are you kidding? I thought of the times when I would go to a concert by myself. I had a blast every single time.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am also not a fan of concerts 😂 I’d prefer quiet places.
        But yeah I remember how my friend was tortured when he decided to tag along with me to the book fair 3-4 years back just out of courtesy 😂

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  2. I have a hard time going places by myself. Not if I can just hang, but if I’m supposed to be social? No, too much pressure. I’m glad you found ways to push yourself. 🙂

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    1. I can’t be social with people. I just keep to myself.

      I’m not trying to socialise at the moment but just trying to be on my own.

      Do you have people around whom you act and talk like crazy?


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