A kind stranger I met… Our Garden of Gratitude #8

Hi people!

It’s Thursday again which means it’s time to take a pause and appreciate lil things in life and feel grateful.

Photo by Saumya Agrawal

Share about a kind stranger you met recently.

Last weekend, I thought I’d cook some pasta for myself. When I entered the kitchen, my mum, sis and our househelp were already there. Mum gave something to sis to check. As sis turned around, she noticed I was entering the kitchen. She took out her hand towards me to show me a glass. But instantly took her hand back to herself saying that my eyes are weak, I won’t be able to check. (I recently started wearing specs.)

In a playful way, I told her, “Yes, I’ll be going blind soon. You should help me with all the work.” Before sis could react, our househelp said, “Nahi bitiya, aise mat bolo. (No daughter, don’t say like that.)” I told her that it was just a joke and we were just teasing each other.

The househelp started working at our place only recently. She touched my heart. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be taking my previliges for granted. I’m sure that she would have known that we were just having some sibling fun. But the warmth and concern with which she said it, she won my heart.

Did you meet a stranger who touched your heart? Would love to read your personal experiences.

Type one word, one sentence or a paragraph in the comments section or make a post on your blog, it’s all your wish.

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12 thoughts on “A kind stranger I met… Our Garden of Gratitude #8

  1. There have been several strangers or near-strangers who touched my heart. I still have an anonymous sticky note with a compliment on it. It was given to me my first year in college, when I had zero confidence and abysmally low self-esteem.

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  2. as a matter of fact, I did. Just yesterday, coming back from work, I turned from a 2 lane street onto a 4 lane one. While I was in the right lane in the beginning, I knew I would have to make my way to the left lane soon after the roads merged. Normally, that’s not a problem, but yesterday, everyone insisted in staying in the 2 right lanes, leaving the left ones completely open and me stuck, unable to get through. Before I could start cursing, another driver to my left read my mind and gestured a questions: “Are you trying to go left?” I nodded and he left enough room for me to squeeze on by. And I was free in my left lane.

    It’s a silly example, but to me, it meant a lot. I truly appreciate when people are thoughtful.

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