Creating fresh blogging content- Blogging Insights #7

How do you write fresh content when everything that is worth saying has already been said ?

I feel that not only everything has already been said but also that I am telling the same thing again and again. Long back I wrote a poem in which I talked about how a blank sheet gains colour when I share another story. The interesting part is that it is just a new vision to the story I told last time.

A new vision makes my content fresh. The time when I write it makes it different. Not only are the words new, but also my thoughts are more experienced than the last time I shared them with you.

So, everything may have already been said, but not from my perspective and definitely not from my mouth.

You can read the poem here.

Have you ever felt that you are talking and/or writing the same thing again and again? How do you feel about it?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights #7 Finding fresh content


11 thoughts on “Creating fresh blogging content- Blogging Insights #7

  1. YES!
    I find my #HW posts to be the biggest culprits. I come up with a great idea, I start writing about it, and then I remember that I wrote something similar before. Most of the time I cannot find that post, so I’m left in limbo not knowing if I actually wrote about it or just thought about it. Sometimes I do get to confirm that I wrote on the same topic. I fear that people that read my blog will call me out on it. I fear they will remember. I do tell myself that’s going overboard. That people don’t remember everything. But who knows? I often remember blog posts people repost. In the end, I realize that there’s always a different perspective from which I write the post. There’s always something new that I share. Maybe someone didn’t read my original post because they’re a new reader. Maybe someone needs this post today more than ever.
    To sum it up, I worry, I fear, but then I let go and just let it pour out.

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    1. I am also confused sometimes if I just thought about the idea or actually posted it.
      The best example I remember is this- I chose “learning to be myself” as my theme for A to Z challenge last year. While I was writing the post, I felt that I had written it something like that before. But I couldn’t find it in my notes. After about some days into the challenge, while searching my blog for soMething, I disCoVered a post titled “Learning to be myself” 😂😂😂 I immediately opened it to chk what I wrote. Thry turned out to be different. And then decided to link both the posts.

      You are right in saying that someone might need to read it that day when I post it again with fresh thoughts.

      I have also seen people repost things. Sometimes I remember reading them, at other times I find that I have already liked the post, meaning they reposted it. I don’t know why do they do it. I’ve tried it a couple of times just for fun 😂

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  2. 🙂 I relate to this post very much. I’ve often wondered, “Am I saying the same thing, only in a slightly different way?” At times, this is helpful because you can link back to the original article that also shares similar thoughts. That’s good for SEO too.

    I do believe though that when we write a new post and get that deja vu type feeling, it’s not all bad. If it wasn’t last week when we wrote it, surely there has been some understanding gained or some type of growth since we last talked about it. Maybe that’s what the post could be all about – growth and how our perspectives change from one moment to the next.

    Thanks for this interesting thought! I hope you & yours are well! ♥

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    1. Hi Holly!
      I agree with both your points. Interlinking does help.though I dot know how much it helps with the seo. Can you share if you have knowledge regarding this?

      Yes, growth is there whenever we revisit our thoughts after a year, a month, a week or a day. You may see the same thing from a different perspective or you may just have more ideas to add to it.
      Do you visit your old post and rework on them for creating fresh content?

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