Sharing and Caring: Blogging Tips #Blogging Insights 17

Do bloggers share all their tips or trade-secrets and should they?

I was initially posting creative content on my blog and refrained from becoming a teacher.

Then Goldie started a monthly Blogging Tips series on her blog and I found it really helpful to get to know what she thought about different techniques. She had opened up the comments section to get her readers involved and get their opinion on the queries she wanted to explore. In a follow-up post next month, she would add tips from her research and give an analysis of hands-on-experience of other bloggers who commented on the post.

Then I came across Tanya’s blogging insights series. She explores a new theme every week and leaves the floor open for all bloggers who want to join in. I started participating in the series as it intrigued me and this post is a part of Tanya’s series. I thought I could do my bit to add value to other bloggers’ blogs. And at the same time, get to know if I’m missing out on some things from you guys.

Then I started Blogger Community to engage more with other bloggers. We have a Blogging Tips and Queries forum over there where we trade our secrets. Since the community is still in its nascent stage, the tips and queries section is in the developing mode. But the response I’ve received in the last one month, it has been overwhelming for me.

Would like to mention that on of the posts on the Blogger Community, a new blogger sought feedback on her overall blog. I was glad to have give her some suggestions to make it easier for her readers to browse through her blog. And she was glad that I responded back.

There’s no harm in helping others. If you don’t respond, they will forget you. If you respond, they will remember how your suggestions helped them.

I am always willing to share my tips with all of you. But then I feel that one needs to ask, just like Goldie, Tanya and that new blogger.

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights #17 — Sharing and Caring 

17 thoughts on “Sharing and Caring: Blogging Tips #Blogging Insights 17

  1. All this time I’ve spent filled with self loathing for wanting more followers, wanting more interaction, because it made me feel so narcissistic and self involved…Turns out what I really wanted was a way to connect to new people and new blogs. Of course, I want my blog to be read, I am a writer, it is what I do. But I didn’t realize just how isolated I’d made myself by being too awkward to reach out to others and discover new blogs and new friends…

    So yeah, I am with you, speak up!

    It’s just a win-win all around.

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  2. Thanks for mentioning my series in your post.
    This platform allows us to learn from one another, which I think is great.
    I understand it when people earn a lot of money and fear sharing any sort of info with others. Since I am not one of those people, I am more than glad to share some stuff.

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    1. Your series needed a mention. It was what came to my mind first when I saw the question.
      I don’t have that kind of knowledge about blogging that people would pay me for sharing it, so no issues 😂

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