Why do you blog? #BloggingInsights

Since the existence of this blog, I have blogged for several reasons- Sometimes to find a platform to share my art (in words and photos) or snippets of my life. Many a time, I have hidden my insecurities in between the lines of my poetry. Through my musings, I have tried to capture my growth as an individual and also tried to raise the importance of self love.

On realising that WordPress has so much to offer, I started with weekly events Let it Bleed prompts and Our Garden of Gratitude to connect better with the blogging community.

Over the past four years, I have blogged regularly for some time and then disappeared suddenly for days and sometimes even months.

However, each time I have come back, you have accepted me with open arms and showered you love. Thankyou readers! ❤

Do you blog?Why do you blog? How regularly do you blog?

If you are just a reader, what kind of blogs do you read?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights. I know I am late but I just could not stop myself from going back to check out all the questions in the series to answer the ones that I’d like to.

Read more about my blogging journey here and here.

26 thoughts on “Why do you blog? #BloggingInsights

  1. Yes, I blog.

    I blog to let out my creative thoughts.
    I blog to discuss things that are flabbergasting.
    I blog to hear other people’s views, opinions, and experiences.
    I blog to escape reality.

    I’ve been rather consistent this year, blogging at least twice a week. (Sometimes even 8 posts per week.)

    I read all sorts of blogs. Controversial posts, poetry, short stories, and more.

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  2. I write for something to read. No I don’t either. It’s my online diary, rant space, place of pride space and sharing the ups and downs space.

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    1. I have felt it while reading your blogs that you treat it like a personal diary. Have ever felt conscious of what you’re writing may make you feel vulnerable? Or maybe that you’re revealing too much about yourself?


  3. In my opinion, you are never late when responding to a question or prompt on the blogosphere.
    We are writing and reading across time zones, cultures and lifestyles. So it is okay to participate on your own time.
    You are most welcome to answer whichever of the Blogging Insights questions whenever you like.
    I will be looking forward to reading your experiences and ideas.

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  4. I blog with stories that I hope make people laugh. There’s never enough laughter in this world. I read all sorts of blogs. Everyone has their own journey and it’s pretty cool to keep up with them. Great questions!

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    1. Yeah.. I desperately feel the need to spread happiness and laughter all around.

      Indeed, it’s fun to read about the journeys of strangers. Do you feel connected to them? Have you made some good friends here in the blogosphere?

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      1. I have connected with several members on here and it’s a wonderful experience. I look forward to making many friends on here. I’ve been on Twitter for quite a while and made some friends there but I like this better. I’m not so confined to using so few words. Yeah, spreading laughter is what I’m all about. I try to make each story as funny as possible.

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    1. Meeting interesting people has been one of my favourites too. I see WP is such a happy and accepting place when compared with other social networking platforms.

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